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Last Updated: February 20, 2024


At the 🍄 Mushroom Network, we strive to provide a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience for our Patrons. This includes ensuring reliable and efficient shipping services for all orders placed on our marketplace. Please review the following shipping policy to understand our procedures and guidelines.

📦 MYCO-EXPRESS SHIPPING (STANDARD SHIPPING): Our standard shipping option. Comes with tracking included.

📦 MYCO-FREEDOM SHIPPING (FREE SHIPPING): We offer free shipping for genetic orders within the United States when the total shopping cart subtotal exceeds $49.99. This applies to the cumulative subtotal of the entire cart, regardless of the number of mycologist vendors involved. This shipping method will automatically appear as a shipping option once the cart exceeds $49.99 in subtotal (after discounts/coupons are applied).

📦 MYCO-SECURED SHIPPING (WAIVER): For added peace of mind, we offer the option of 📦 MYCO-SECURED SHIPPING, an insured delivery service available to Patrons who qualify for free shipping. This option provides coverage for the replacement costs (less any shipping fees) of the genetics in case of loss or damage during transit. The availability and cost of 📦 MYCO-SECURED SHIPPING may vary depending on the subtotal of the cart.

International Orders:

  1. International Orders Overview
    At the  Mushroom Network, we understand the importance of serving our international patrons. To accommodate international orders, we have established specific policies and options to ensure a smooth and efficient process.
  2. Shipping Threshold and Custom Quotes
    For international orders, we have a standard flat fee of $59.99 as an Out-of-Network Delivery fee. This fee covers the costs associated with shipping and handling international orders.
  3. Custom Quote Option
    In addition to the standard Out-of-Network Delivery fee, we also offer Patrons the option to request a custom shipping quote at the time of checkout. This allows Patrons to explore alternative shipping methods or services that may better suit their specific needs.
  4. Coordinating Custom Quotes
    If a Patron chooses to request a custom shipping quote, our team will work closely with them to understand their requirements and provide a tailored shipping solution. The Patron will have the opportunity to review and approve the custom quote before proceeding with the order.
  5. Flexible International Order Fulfillment
    Once the shipping method and associated costs are agreed upon, the  Mushroom Network will coordinate the logistics to fulfill the international order. We aim to ensure a seamless and efficient process, providing tracking information and updates to keep patrons informed about the progress of their shipment.
  6. Adjustments to Out-of-Network Delivery Fee
    Please note that the standard Out-of-Network Delivery fee of $59.99 is subject to change. We may periodically review and adjust this fee to align with market conditions, shipping regulations, and other relevant factors. We will make efforts to communicate any changes to our patrons in a timely manner.

We strive to provide a reliable and convenient international shipping service within the  Mushroom Network. By offering both a standard Out-of-Network Delivery fee and the option for custom shipping quotes, we aim to cater to the unique requirements of our international patrons while ensuring transparency and flexibility in the shipping process.

Tracking Policy:

At the 🍄 Mushroom Network, we understand the importance of keeping our Patrons informed about the journey of their order from the point of dispatch to arrival. To this end, we offer a comprehensive tracking system that allows you to monitor the progress of your genetics shipment.

Once an order has been processed and dispatched, the Patron will receive an email notification with the tracking information. This email will contain a tracking number, which can be used to monitor the shipment’s progress through the courier’s online tracking system.

We kindly request that Patrons regularly check their shipment status using this tracking information. Keeping a close eye on the shipment status will not only keep you informed about the estimated delivery date but will also allow you to prepare for the package’s arrival, thereby reducing the risk of damage due to environmental conditions, as previously mentioned in our policy.

In the event that the tracking information shows that the package has been delivered, but it is not found at the specified delivery location, we advise Patrons to first check around their property or with their neighbors. If the package is still not located, the Patron should reach out to our Patron Support Center within a reasonable time-frame for further assistance.

Please note that the 🍄 Mushroom Network is not responsible for the loss of packages after they have been marked as delivered by the courier. However, we will do our utmost to assist in such circumstances and guide Patrons through the process of filing a claim with the courier if necessary.

By placing an order, Patrons acknowledge and agree to adhere to this tracking policy, ensuring that they stay informed about their shipments and take appropriate action to protect their ordered genetics upon arrival. If you have any further questions or require assistance, please reach out to our Patron Support Center (

Lost Packages:

Our goal is to deliver every package safely and on time. We provide tracking for all shipments (with the exception of orders below $10) to give you visibility and control over your delivery. Report lost packages to our Patron Support Center ( for assistance and potential replacement. Please ensure your shipping details are accurate to avoid any delivery problems.

We appreciate your trust in the Mushroom Network and are dedicated to ensuring a satisfactory shopping experience from start to finish.

Returns and Exchanges:

The Mushroom Network generally considers all sales final due to the nature of our products. However, we recognize that in rare circumstances, a return or exchange may be necessary. Such instances are typically due to product mix-ups or quality control issues.

Vendor-Specific Policies: Some Mycologist Vendors may offer their own supplementary Return and Exchange policies. These will be clearly outlined on their individual product pages and Vendor Shop’s Page. We encourage you to review these policies before making a purchase to understand the specific terms offered by each vendor.

Exchanges for Mix-Ups or Quality Issues: In cases where an item requires exchange due to a mix-up or a quality concern, please contact our Patron Support Center ( within 48-hours of receiving your order. We will guide you through the process based on the Mycologist Vendor’s policy or the standard network protocol.

Non-Returnable Items: Please note that certain items, especially live cultures or perishable goods, are not eligible for return due to their sensitivity. We urge you to carefully consider your purchase, as the integrity of these products cannot be preserved once they leave our Mycologist Vendors’ controlled environments.

Your satisfaction is important to us, and we are committed to supporting you in the event of any issues with your purchase. For any inquiries or assistance, please reach out to our Patron Support Center (

Additional Shipping Fees and Best Practices:

Though some Marketplace Vendors may apply additional shipping fees, we encourage all Mycologist Vendors to include shipping costs in the product price for best transparency. Such Marketplace Vendors will post their additional shipping requirements on their Vendor Shop’s Main Page.

Acknowledgment and Agreement:

By placing an order and selecting a shipping method, Patrons acknowledge and agree to comply with this shipping policy’s terms and conditions. We encourage Patrons to review related policies, including the “Patron Marketplace Trade/Sales Policy.

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