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Attention Mycologist Vendors!
Welcome To The Marketplace!
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We are thrilled you’re considering joining us on this incredible journey. As we embark on this exciting adventure together, we want to ensure you have a thorough understanding of your role, our expectations, and the rich opportunities that await you as a Mycologist Vendor on the 🍄 Mushroom Network.

Getting to Know You:

Firstly, we believe in cultivating relationships within our community. We are eager to get to know all our Mycologist Vendors and to learn about the unique genetic lines they wish to share on our Network.

Adherence to Guidelines:

Our platform thrives on respect, safety, legality, and transparency. To ensure a fruitful and seamless experience for all, we’ve established certain guidelines, particularly concerning “microscopy only” genetic line products. Your adherence to these guidelines is vital to the sustainability and growth of our platform.

Legalities of “PASS” Spore Products:

As a Mycologist Vendor, you are permitted to offer (Potentially Active Spore Specimens) PASS spore-based products such as spore swabs, spore prints, and spore syringes. Unfortunately, due to current legal constraints, we cannot allow the sale of liquid cultures and Agar media-based genetic lines on our marketplace at this time. Even though the sale of these products might be legal in your region, we must adhere to U.S. federal law.

Your Responsibility:

While we’ve implemented several safeguarding measures, including but not limited to our Patron Marketplace Agreement, Marketplace Genetics Policy, and Terms of Use, it’s important to understand that the ultimate responsibility ultimately lies with the Patron and Mycologist Vendor. We empathize with the constraints these legal restrictions impose on Mycologist Vendor, and we actively advocate for change, we must however remain committed to providing a safe and compliant marketplace for our community.

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Setting Up Shop Description & Branding

TMN Marketplace & Other Important Policies To Know About:

Advanced Vendor Opportunities:

As part of our commitment to helping our Marketplace Vendors flourish, we offer advanced features for those looking to take their Vending Game to the next level. These features include the ability to create private VIP groups and even the potential to have an entire website within our Network. This not only provides a unique opportunity to build your brand but also gives you a private, exclusive space to interact with your VIP Patrons and expand your outreach.

Marketplace Vendor On-Boarding:

To help us onboard you as smoothly as possible, please fill out the form below. This form requires information about your genetic lines and other relevant details. Your timely and accurate completion of this form will facilitate your quick integration into our network.

As we conclude, remember the words of renowned mycologist Paul Stamets:Mycology is a gateway to nature’s mysteries.” You’re taking the first step into a new world of Marketplace Vending – a world that holds immense promise for personal growth and community development. We urge you to familiarize yourself with all our Marketplace and Mycologist Vending policies. Once you gain access to your Mycologist Vendor Dashboard and Knowledgebase, you’ll receive even more information to guide you on your journey.

Thank you once again for choosing to journey with us. Together, we will uncover nature’s mysteries and shape the future of mycology.

Getting to Know You Better: A Vendor's Introduction to the Mushroom Network

To ensure a seamless integration into the 🍄 TMN Marketplace, we’d appreciate it if you could take a few moments to complete the form below. This not only helps us understand you and your offerings better but also tailors our support to meet your unique needs. You can save and continue to edit the form if you need additional time to complete the form.

Here’s What We Need From You:

  1. Contact and Payment Information: Essential for account set up and to ensure seamless transactions.
  2. Details about Your Products/Genetics: Share with us the kinds of mycology related products/genetics you’re planning to introduce to our Marketplace. This information will aid us in fine-tuning our product categories and ensuring that our platform is aligned with your offerings.
  3. Understanding Your Vendor Experience: Whether you’re a seasoned Mycologist Vendor or new to this facet of mycology, we’re here to support your journey. By understanding your experience level, we can tailor our assistance to suit your needs, ensuring a successful 🍄🔬 Marketplace Vendorship with the 🍄 Mushroom Network. No matter where you are on your Vending journey, you’re valued and vital to our community.

All the features and benefits you stand to gain as a Marketplace Vendor with us are detailed above this form. As always, our aim is to foster a positive and strong relationship with our vendors, ensuring that the 🍄 Mushroom Network remains a thriving hub for mycology enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Howdy Patron & Prospective Mycologist Vendor! Please make sure you are logged in to see this form.

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