Liquid Cultures ๐Ÿชฝ


Liquid Cultures (LCS): Expand your mycelium quickly and efficiently with our Liquid Cultures. These solutions contain live mushroom mycelium in a nutrient-rich medium, ready to inoculate your chosen substrates. Most LCS items are tracked in real-time inventory.

Intended Use:

Each syringe is clearly labeled with its intended uses. While “Gourmet (Edible)Spore Swabs are suitable for cultivation and culinary exploration, those marked as “Microscopy Use Only” are restricted to research, prohibiting any cultivation or consumption. Adherence to these uses is essential.

For Optimal Quality:

For the ultimate in freshness and quality, many of our genetic products are expertly prepared upon ordering. This ensures you receive the most viable cultures, spores, or specimens. The “Processing Time” indicates the estimated timeframe for careful preparation, quality checks, and packaging before shipment.


We embrace the spectrum of mycology, providing a wide range of genetic products to support diverse interests and endeavors.

Legal and Responsible Use:

Our priority is providing products for research and educational purposes within a legal framework. Patrons must make informed choices aligned with applicable laws and ethical practices.


The Mushroom Network is dedicated to responsible research and exploration of mycology. While we strive for excellence in every product, the field of mycology is characterized by natural variability. Outcomes in mushroom research and cultivation can be unpredictable. We expect our Patrons to be aware of and accept these inherent risks.

Patrons assume all risks and liabilities associated with mushroom cultivation and use.

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