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Experience the magic of mycology like never before with theย Colony Preservation Vials (CPV)ย exclusivelyย from theย ๐Ÿ„ย Mushroom Network. Whether you’re a seasoned mycologist or new to the fungi frontier, ourย CPVsย guarantee prolonged, contamination-free storage for your invaluable mushroom colonies.

Colony Preservation Vialsย are sterile vials that contain carefully chosen agar punches submerged in sterile distilled water that is nutrient-free. These vials are used to store a small colony of mushroom mycelium for extended storage periods. By storing the mycelium in a nutrient-free environment, it can be stored for long periods (5ย toย 10+ or even more years) of time without the risk of contamination. Eachย Colony Preservation Vialย is sterile and ready to use.

We take every precaution to ensure that ourย Colony Preservation Vialsย are of the highest quality and purity possible, and they will come directly from ourย Master Cultures. While we do our best to make sure everything is sterile and contamination-free, mistakes happen (were human not fungi!) but because of ourย Sterile-TEKย and safety procedures, we stand behind our products with aย 2-year guaranteeย (something that isn’t offered anywhere else).ย Patronsย assume all risks and liabilities associated withย CPVย genetics and use (some additional restrictions may apply with certain fungi – always check the Intended Uses feature and your local laws and regulations regarding the fungi).

Intended Use:

Each syringe is clearly labeled with its intended uses. While “Gourmet (Edible)Spore Swabs are suitable for cultivation and culinary exploration, those marked as “Microscopy Use Only” are restricted to research, prohibiting any cultivation or consumption. Adherence to these uses is essential.

For Optimal Quality:

For the ultimate in freshness and quality, many of our genetic products are expertly prepared upon ordering. This ensures you receive the most viable cultures, spores, or specimens. The “Processing Time” indicates the estimated timeframe for careful preparation, quality checks, and packaging before shipment.


We embrace the spectrum of mycology, providing a wide range of genetic products to support diverse interests and endeavors.

Legal and Responsible Use:

Our priority is providing products for research and educational purposes within a legal framework. Patrons must make informed choices aligned with applicable laws and ethical practices.


The Mushroom Network is dedicated to responsible research and exploration of mycology. While we strive for excellence in every product, the field of mycology is characterized by natural variability. Outcomes in mushroom research and cultivation can be unpredictable. We expect our Patrons to be aware of and accept these inherent risks.

Patrons assume all risks and liabilities associated with mushroom cultivation and use.


At the ๐Ÿ„ Mushroom Network, we understand the importance of reliable and lasting mushroom genetics. That’s why we offer an exceptional 2-Year Guarantee on our standard Colony Preservation Vials (CPVs). This guarantee ensures the viability of the colony for a full two years from the date of purchase, giving our Patrons peace of mind and confidence in their mycological endeavors.

Each CPV is equipped with a unique ID and a tamper-proof sticker, designed to indicate any exposure to adverse conditions. This sticker serves as a safeguard, ensuring that the CPVs remain in optimal condition. To maintain the validity of this 2-year guarantee, the CPV should be stored in a fridge above 40 degrees Fahrenheit to prevent freezing, or in a cool, dark, indoor location away from prolonged UV light exposure. The original packaging and holographic security tag must remain intact, and proof of opening date is required for any replacement claims.

We offer two methods for activating the guarantee upon opening the CPV. Patrons can either use our Patron Support Center, following the guidelines under the “Warranties & Guarantees” categoryย or provide a timestamped, unaltered video of the opening and inspection process. After opening, a 30-calendar-day grace period is granted for replacement claims, provided the conditions are met and the CPV is placed onto agar. If no growth or contamination is observed, we request that you contact our Patron Support Center with evidence for a swift resolution.

It’s crucial to utilize our Patron Support Center when activating a CPV to ensure proper documentation and facilitate a seamless claim process. However, it should be noted that the guarantee applies only to the initial vial sent, and not for any replacements. In the event of strain unavailability, we offer an alternative genetic or the option to wait for restocking. If misuse or scamming is suspected, the ๐Ÿ„ Mushroom Network reserves the right to refuse replacement. Our commitment is to provide our Patrons with exceptional quality and service, maintaining the highest standards in mushroom genetics preservation.


DEAL: 5x CPVs for the price of 4 ($99.99)

Dive into a world of mycological wonder with our bundle bonanza! Purchase a set of 5x Colony Preservation Vials for a mere $99.99. Normally priced at $24.99 each, this offer gifts you quality, longevity, and value in one unbeatable package.


Curious about diversifying your genetic treasure trove? Enjoy a curated set of 6x unique genetic strains at a jaw-dropping price of just $39.99. Genetic selection is from our rotating vaults. And while these vials do not come with our usual 2-year guarantee, we’ve got your back with an automatic 1-month replacement guarantee. Should you need a replacement, just cover the shipping, and we’ll handle the rest. A splendid way to discover new strains without breaking the bank!

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