Interactive | 2.1: Equipment Matching Game

Zach and Nova’s Lab Catastrophe!

Zach and Nova, in a whirlwind of excitement about a new fungal discovery, have accidentally turned their mycology lab upside down. Petri dishes are playing hide and seek, the pressure cooker is pretending to be a microscope, and the syringes are staging a dance party with the agar punches!

Zach’s Plea:

Zach looks at you with a grin and a hint of desperation, “Hey there, Myco-Learner! We’ve got a bit of a fungal fiasco on our hands. Our lab is a jumble, and we can’t find anything! Can you help us get our lab back in order?”

Nova’s Challenge:

Nova chimes in, her eyes twinkling with mischief, “It’s a challenge! Each item in our lab is lost and needs to find its proper home. Think you can help us sort this mess? We need your mycology savvy to score at least 65% and bring some order back to our chaotic kingdom of fungi!”